GutMagnific® is an effective and safe food supplement of 5 lactic acid bacteria scientifically selected to rebalance your gut ecosystem and promote your health. 


Based on research and close clinical contacts with users and physicians

& Safe

All bacteria are sourced from traditional healthy fermented foods and artisanal yoghurt


For designing the right combination of lactobacilli strains for a specific condition

Born from science, designed with purpose

Superheroes of Your Gut

This team of - Superheroes of Your Gut - are carefully selected good bacteria to target specific bad actors in your gut and expertly designed to reduce inflammation and heal leaky gut.

Far from an ordinary probiotic

GutMagnific® is the first product in a new probiotic category – ImmuneBiotics™

ImmuneBiotics™ are designed with pharmaceutical precision to achieve a healthy balance between the microbiome, the immune system, and the intestinal barrier, with beneficial effects on multiple targets:

  • Restore the balance in disrupted gut microbiota (dysbiosis) – inhibit the growth of pathogens and pathobionts (good bacteria gone bad)
  • Modulate the immune response – activate anti-inflammatory immune cells in the gut and in other parts of the body
  • Normalize intestinal permeability – reverse the so-called ‘leaky gut’

Best of Nature
Designed by Science

We help people with gut related health issues to regain joy and achieve best possible health 
by providing effective and safe food supplements based on scientifically designed combinations of healthy lactic acid bacteria.

Superheroes of Your Gut

GutMagnific® is an effective and safe food supplement of 5 scientifically selected lactic acid probiotics - Superheroes of Your Gut - This team of carefully selected good bacteria has been expertly designed to target specific bad actors in your gut in order to to rebalance your gut ecosystem and promote your health.

The GutMagnific® solution

  • Proven Effect - GutMagnific® is based on research and close contacts with users and physicians.
  • Natural & Safe - All bacteria are sourced from traditional, healthy, fermented foods and artisanal yoghurt, with your good health as a priority.
  • Pharmaceutical Precision – GutMagnific® is scientifically developed as an optimized combination of selected bacterial strains, designed to achieve desired functions for specific problematic conditions.  

Born from science, designed with purpose!

Possible signs of an imbalanced gut ecosystem

Constipation / Diarrhea


Bloating / Gut Pain

Food Sensitivity

The root cause

Gut Problems – Common Part of Our Modern Lifestyle

Our gastrointestinal tract is full of trillions of bacteria that not only help us process food but also essential for our health and wellbeing. The collection of microbes in our gut make up an unseen ecosystem known as the human microbiota that is likely subject to many of the same ecological rules that govern ecosystems like rainforests. Gut microbiota is made up of desirable and less-desirable microbes, but when in balance, they regulate our digestion, improve immunity and energy, communicate to the brain, influence mood, lower anxiety, and help resisting chronic illnesses.

When the bad bacteria in our gut overgrow and there aren't enough good ones to balance them, microbiota reaches a state called dysbiosis, which has been linked to many common and chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, functional and inflammatory bowel disorders like IBS and IBD, neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis, autism and chronic fatigue syndrome, and certain types of cancer and mental illnesses.    

A healthy gut microbiota is a rich and diverse microbiota which has shown to be challenged by our modern lifestyles, unbalanced diet, antibiotic overuse, and stress. 

As human beings we are often concerned about our health and try to manage diet and lifestyle to stay healthy. Still, one-third of the population complains of some gut-related problems, such as bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, food intolerance, stomach pain or nausea without any gastrointestinal disease present. The imbalances often fix themselves after a short time, but if they become chronic, you may need help to improve your gut health.

GutMagnific® helps to boost the good bugs in the gut and has clinically proved to restore and maintain gut microbiota balance, support immune system and improve mood and wellbeing. 

How to choose the right supplement

Our Story and Science-based Solutions

Probiotics have long been seen as important contributors to good health, and sources of lactic acid bacteria from fermented foods are well known for their beneficial health-promoting effects.

The current consensus is that probiotics are effective in conditions related to gut and immune system, but the benefits do depend on the strains and dosage. Probiotic lactic acid bacteria may have some common features but they don’t all act in the same way and don’t deliver the same benefit. Many commercial dietary supplements claim to improve gut health but a closer look reveals an absence of scientific evidence. So you can eat or drink them, but they won’t necessarily do you any good.

Many health-promoting properties of probiotics are strain-specific, and safety and efficacy findings linked to specific formulations. Manufacturing processes, ingredients, dose and administration are also important factors of product efficacy and safety.

We believe that nutrition is the “front line approach” to managing gut health, so feeding our microbes with a diverse healthy diet seems the right thing to do. But where do we find all the “wonder foods”, how much should we eat and how to combine them?  

Frustrated by searching for appropriate healthy foods and trustworthy supplements that really work, we instead hunted for the most health-promoting and unique lactic acid bacteria found in traditional fermented foods such as pickled vegetables and artisanal yoghurts. Then, building on our combined years of scientific experience in immunology, microbiology, and nutrition, we developed our own expert method to select and combine the very best bacterial strains to elicit desired effects in the gut.

We think of our product as Superheroes: a multi-strain probiotic product, scientifically designed with pharmaceutical precision so that each strain plays a specific role to effectively promote a heathy bacterial balance, while supporting immune system and improving the gut barrier function.  

We work with the world´s best probiotic manufacturer to produce our special strains and guarantee the highest quality. These Superheroes are then packed in vegan, gastric acid resistant EMBO CAPS AP capsules to ensure delivery to exactly the right part of the gut.

GutMagnific® is the first in a long line of innovative, probiotic food supplements that have been scientifically designed to enhance the gut microbiome as well as individual wellbeing. In short, we have created a new probiotic category, ImmuneBiotics™.

Are you ready to fast track your health journey now?

GutMagnific® is designed to re-balance 

Gut microbiota

Immune response

Gut barrier function

“My stomach calmed down
and I’m more energized”

“I have tried all and everything to relive my long-term fatigue. To my surprise, GutMagnific helped with my irregular bowel movements and in addition also made me feel much more energized.”


“Food intolerance gone”

“I have suffered from food intolerances with stomach pain, bloating and skin problems. After taking GutMagnific a few weeks I could enjoy a full Italian dinner with pasta and cheese and feel wonderful for the first time in several years.”


“Stomach is no longer
the limit of my life”

“My stomach has pretty much limited my daily life since I was a teenager, always looking for the closest WC. GutMagnific has stabilized my stomach and I’m so happy to have an active life back.”


Best of Nature for Your Good Health

You can’t change your genes, but don’t stop yourself from experiencing how your health can improve when your gut ecosystem is in balance.

Experience how your health can improve by regaining internal balance.
Try GutMagnific® – it might do wonders for you too! 

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