Why Gutmagnific

GutMagnific is a new probiotic product that is scientifically designed to help restore the natural balance of your gut ecosystem and reduce inflammation. We have a collection of unique, safe and healthy probiotic bacteria (ImmuneBiota™) derived from a broad selection of foods such as fermented vegetables and artisanal yoghurts. After 15 years of science, we have found five bacteria strains that are combined into probiotic superheroes that really does the job to promote your health. 

Pharmaceutical Precision in the Screening and Combination (Super Consortia/ImmuneBiotics) of Probiotic Strains for specific conditions.

Products with Proven Therapeutic Effect to Supress Chronic inflammation and related symptoms. Based on research and close clinical contact with patients.

Without side effects as the probiotics are sourced from natural fermented foods

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